Intelligent Technologies
for Plastic Detection

... with the IoSys units from Europe's leading detection specialist

Areas of Application

Mobile plastic detection
by intelligent NIR technologies :

mIRoGun 4.0

Detection of bright and black plastics, flame retardants and fillers by combination solution :

mIRoSpark 2.0

Stationary automatic analysis of flakes and granulates :


Different NIR solutions for a lot of industrial tasks in plastic detection and sorting :

- sold out -

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Detection of flame retardants :

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Special offers

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GUT - Environmental Technologies

GUT: Development, Distribution, Consulting

Since our founding in 1997 we are working as an engineering and consulting company in the area of  recycling of valuable substances from waste in solid and gaseous forms as well as environmental protection.

Besides catalytic waste gas cleaning systems, soot filters for Diesel engines and oilification plants for plastic waste we have been concentrating our efforts since the year 2000 on the practical technical recognition of plastics and textiles of all kind with highest precision and speed.

In cooperation with our development and production partner IoSys and our international distribution partners we are distributing optical plastic and textile detection and separation units and do the consulting for our customers in their individual process optimization.

Our long experience of the plastic and recycling markets allow us also the consulting of process optimization and development of individual solutions for the plastics and textile recycling industry, additionally to the marketing of spectrometric units.

Distribution Partners

United Kingdom and Ireland:
Allcontrols Ltd

Tal Instruments
Albert Sotto


Nettoyer Ltda