Intelligent Technologies
for Plastic Detection

... with the IoSys units from Europe's leading detection specialist

Areas of Application

Mobile plastic detection
by intelligent NIR technologies :

mIRoGun 4.0

Detection of bright and black plastics, flame retardants and fillers by combination solution :

mIRoSpark 2.0

Stationary automatic analysis of flakes and granulates :


Different NIR solutions for a lot of industrial tasks in plastic detection and sorting :



Detection of flame retardants :


Special offers

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Mobile Plastic and
Textile Analysis

mIRoGun 4.0
- latest version -

Black plastics
and ingredients

mIRoSpark 2.0
- new model -

Stationary Analysis
of Granulates and Flakes

- latest version -

Online Solutions


Detection of
Flame Retardants

- new series -

Product Overview

Mobile Plastic Detection:
Intelligent NIR-Spectrometer with WLAN connection:
the new mIRoGun 4.0



The revolutionary mobile NIR-System with wireless connection, user-definable database and remote printing for the mobile identification of plastics






Black plastics and ingredients:
Quick and comfortable plastic detection system
for industry and lab: the mIRoSpark 2.0



Black plastics, flame retardant and filler detection by combination of NIR spectrometry and Sliding Spark spectrometry in one unit



Stationary Granulate and Flakes Analysis:
Unique new stationary analysis of plastic granulates and flakes
from different sectors of the plastic industry


Quick large amount analysis of plastic flakes of different kinds like replacing the PET roasting test and other applications for samples up to 100 grams and more



Stationary Online Solutions:
Clever versatile solutions for plastic detection and plastic sorting
in the plastic recycling industry.
Manual as well as Online with programmable signal outputs.


The NIR-Online basic unit for touchless measuring of plastics up to 60-80 cm distance






Economic plastic sorting plant for bigger plastic parts from the electronic, post-consumer and industrial plastic waste







Portable Detection of Flame Retardants:
Quick and economic detection of flame retardants.
Bromine- und Chlorine detection
for secondary fuel producers and W.E.E.E. recyclers



SSS3-FR – the compact, quick and economic Sliding Spark Spectrometer for flame retardants