Intelligent Technologies
for Plastic Detection

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Areas of Application

Mobile plastic detection
by intelligent NIR technologies :

mIRoGun 4.0

Detection of bright and black plastics, flame retardants and fillers by combination solution :

mIRoSpark 2.0
- will no longer be sold due to technical obsolescence -

Stationary automatic analysis of flakes and granulates :


Different NIR solutions for a lot of industrial tasks in plastic detection and sorting :

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Detection of flame retardants :

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Special offers

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Mobile Plastic and
Textile Analysis

mIRoGun 4.0
- latest version -

Black plastics
and ingredients

mIRoSpark 2.0
- will no longer
be sold due
to technical
obsolescence -

Stationary Analysis
of Granulates and Flakes

- latest version -

Online Solutions


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Detection of
Flame Retardants

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Mobile wireless high-speed plastic detection by handheld NIR spectrometer and configurable databases for quality control


mIRoGun 4.0 – The new portable as well as very precise NIR spectrometer for plastic and textile detection can be operated like a measuring pistol with one hand only – all desktop functions can also be executed by connection options. Also perfect for the scanning of mixed samples.


The mIRoGun 4.0 is an easy to operate, mobile and Li-Ion battery-operated spectrometer for all mobile applications like measurements on the yards of recycling companies, on trucks or within production halls. Due to its unique innovative technology and its possibility of data transfer to PCs one can use it also in a laboratory als analysis system for quality control purposes and their necessary storage and documentation functions – for single as well as online measurements.


The all-new portable measuring system from IoSys enables the detection of plastics in every form by standard- and user-definable databases, with easy icon operation on its touchscreen, measuring within milliseconds and wireless communication with computers and printers for all kinds of applications.

The new mIRoGun 4.0 measures plastic and textile parts of all kinds and types, except black as diffuse Near Infrared Reflection Spectrometer with completely new hard- and software at a very high speed. The samples can be solid parts, films and foils, granules, fibers or foams.

The unit can be used for manual measurements as well as for online measurements – outdoors as well as in buildings and labs. Operation is effected by a 4 inch colour touch screen with self-explaining icons.

For plastic identification the unit is just held on the surface of the sample and measuring starts by pressing the trigger button. Single measurements can be made as well as online measurements with a fixed trigger key – like for the quality control of mixed granulates etc.

The mIRoGun 4.0 is equipped with Li-Ion batteries. Its long operation time can be enhanced further by a PowerBank (used e.g. for cameras). It can be operated with one hand only and be carried by a wrist sling.


Result monitoring and data exchange to external PCs and tablets can be done by USB Cable or Wi-Fi functionality. Also tele-maintenance is possible via these features. Printout of measuring results is possible via the printers of the connected PC, together with typed as well as hand-written or graphic comments. The unique way of displaying the transformed spectra on the colour screen allows easy control of the results and the comparison with other materials.

Up to 80 different plastic results can be shown and evaluated together on the screen of the connected PC. All results can be stored on the PC for later use and documentation.

The unit contains a fully equipped database for thermoplastics based on Neural Networks as well as a user-definable database which every user individually can define with up to 1 million plastic spectra in free-to-choose groups and differentiations.

The device is equipped with energy saving modes, allowing a use of the system for more than a day or longer which can be further enhanced by the use of an additionally fixed PowerBank. An integrated touchpen enables the input of comments and drawings for the printout of the measuring protocols which can be individualized by the individual company logo of each user.

10 freely programmable LEDs at the top side enable also an immediate spotting of the results from this side. The easy installation of the communication software with the computer is effected by connection via the USB cable. The Wi-Fi Hotspot function of the mIRoGun 4.0 enables operation outside of protected company networks. Tele-maintenance and software updates are possible via the Internet.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 260 x 125/250 x 52 mm
Weight: 1,3 kg
External Power Supply: 100 - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Specials of this unit

  • Plastics of municipal and industrial origin as well as textiles, fibers and carpets – also in form of granules, flakes or films
  • Measuring in milliseconds
  • Manual as well as Online Measuring
  • Easy operation via Touchscreen Icons
  • Semiquantitative Scans of Flakes and Granulates are possible
  • 10 programmable LEDs at the top side for additional quick result indication
  • Detailed spectra view possible at the units colour touchscreen
  • User-definable database with up to 1 million spectra integrated
  • Battery operation of more than 24 h enabled by energy saving modes
  • Enhancement of battery operation by PowerBank
  • Data transmission to PCs and printers via USB
  • Wi-Fi data transmission to PCs and connected printers enabled
  • Easy PC software installation
  • Software for spectra evaluation on the PC
  • Direct remote printing on connected printers with handwritten and graphic comments possible
  • Individual company logos can be included in the printouts
  • Tele-maintenance and software updates via Internet enabled


mIRoGun 4.0 (english):