Intelligent Technologies
for Plastic Detection

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Areas of Application

Mobile plastic detection
by intelligent NIR technologies :

mIRoGun 4.0

Detection of bright and black plastics, flame retardants and fillers by combination solution :


Stationary automatic analysis of flakes and granulates :


Different NIR solutions for a lot of industrial tasks in plastic detection and sorting :



Detection of flame retardants :

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Mobile Plastic and
Textile Analysis

mIRoGun 4.0
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Black plastics
and ingredients


Stationary Analysis
of Granulates and Flakes

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Online Solutions


Detection of
Flame Retardants

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Our newest solution
for the plastic flakes tests:


The sIRoPAD for the quick automatic tests of plastic flakes, granules and pellets to replace the PET flakes roasting tests and other applications for bigger amounts.


The sIRoPAD is the first and only Near Infrared measuring system worldwide for the detection of the composition of plastic samples directly from the production or from a recycling process.

Perfect for all non-black plastic flakes, granules or pellets up to ca. 100 grams per sample. The maximum measuring time is less than 15 minutes!

Description and Operation

The sIRoPAD is a completely new and unique fully automatic Near Infrared measuring system for all kinds of non-black plastic flakes, granules and pellets.

This system is the ideal solution for the check for impurities and contaminations of PET flakes or the detection of the composition of other thermoplastic mixtures.

The sIRoPAD scans the samples distributed on the reflection plate in a continuous pass, measures and saves the results both as a complete file with all information or as Excel files via USB or WLAN on the PC.

The sizes of the measuring fields and the measurement parameters can be predefined depending on the specimen texture and the measurement time of the entire plate is less than 15 minutes. Samples of up to 100 grams per disk are measured with accuracy down to the ppm range, either as manual single scans or as automated batch files, which individually process the individual measurement fields and store the results automatically.

The measurement results can be displayed graphically on the touchscreen and PC screen. By means of a zoom function, it is possible to carry out specific checks during and after completion of the entire scan at individual points. Individual measurements can thus be carried out.

All measurement results can be grouped as desired and arranged on the log printer as a result printout or a PC printer as a complete analysis report.

All measurement files can be automatically or manually combined very easily into statistics which can be summed or compared in tabular or graphical form, thus enabling quality controls of all types over time periods, production processes or supplier quality. Differences in the specific weight, the thickness, etc. can also be compensated here.

The system also allows spectral comparisons for the fine-differentiation of plastics. All further updates of programs, firmware and databases can be done free of charge via the Internet by downloading from our website and transferring to the sIRoPAD. This keeps the device up-to-date.


  • Replacement of the insecure roasting test of PET flakes in an oven with consecutive optical check by people for PVC particles with indication of the results in ppm
  • Measurement of larger amounts of plastic flakes, granules and pellets from the W.E.E.E. area
  • Measurement of larger amounts of mixed flakes, granules and pellets from the packaging area
  • Measurement of larger amounts of mixed flakes, granules and pellets from the post-consumer area
  • Measurement of larger amounts of mixed flakes, granules and pellets from the industrial plastics area

Specifics of the unit

  • Statistics and quality comparisons can be created manually or automatically
  • Graphical and tabular representation form possible in the protocol
  • All updates of programs, firmware and databases are free to download
  • Evaluation software for the PC can be installed at any number of computers.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 815 x 595 x 260 mm
  (height without camera)
  815 x 595 x 384 mm
  (height with camera)
Weight: 12 kg
Power Supply: 100 - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


sIRoPAD (english):