Tecnología inteligente
para la identificación de plásticos

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Campos de aplicación

Análisis de plásticos móvil con espectrómetro NIR :

mIRoGun 4.0

Identificación de plásticos claros y oscuros y retardadores de llama como solución de escritorio combinada :

mIRoSpark 2.0

Análisis de granulados y flakes de plástico :


Espectrómetro NIR para tareas de medida diferentes de la industria de plástico para el modo manual y el modo
en línea :



Espectrómetro Sliding spark para la identificación de retardadores de llama :


Ofertas especiales

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Análisis de
plásticos móvil

mIRoGun 4.0
- última versión -

Plásticos negros y
materias de contenido

mIRoSpark 2.0
- neuevo modelo -

Análisis de granulados

- última versión -

Soluciones en línea


de retardadores
de llama

sIRoSort – The stationary and economic NIR-sorting plant for sorting bigger plastic parts from the electronics, post-consumer and industrial area with the possibility to sort up to 6 different plastic types in one step – up to about 3 - 4 kg per piece



The sIRoSort enhances the functionality of our sIRoCube modules by a pneumatic sorter. The resulut is a new, compact, semi-automatic sorting plant for the separation of plastics of higher value like plastics from the electronic waste area.

A specially adapted sIRoCube unit with several combined light sources of minimal energy consumption measures the passing-by plastic parts on a conveyor belt with specially adapted reflection plates.

The parts then afterwards are blown off by several compressed-air ejectors which are mounted in line on another conveyor belt in a 90 degree angle according to their detected plastic type. They then fall in adapted collection bins at different positions depending on their size and weight.

The whole system is conntrolled by a programmable control system with monitor interface which combines measurement unit, light sources, conveyor belts and ejector in an optimized way.

Up to 7 different an freely choosable plastics can be separated in one single step. On development of this unit special emphasis has been laid on the economic operation without much power consumption. The plant is operated by normal 220 V power supply. The plant is suited for transparent as well as non-transparent plastics. Also other polymer types can be separated as well.

The low investment- and operation costs make the unit interesting as an alternative for medium throughout of higher value plastics.

Technical Data

Dimensions: ca. 0.80 x 2.00 x13.50 m
Power Supply: 100 - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


sIRoSort (inglés):